Silvio Bevacqua


Keith Braithwaite, Tennyson Reach

“Our company recently leased a small commercial space to be used as our sales office. The deal was brokered by Silvio Bevacqua from Silvio Property. From the initial contact by Silvio up to the signing of the lease, Silvio was fantastic to deal with and had an intimate understanding of our requirements. The property is one we had been very keen to secure but did not have any contact details of the new owner. Silvio and the new owners spent considerable time assessing who the best potential tenant may be and through this process thankfully they contacted us, along with several other prospective tenants.

Our deal was sealed with a handshake and the legalities sorted out shortly after.

We thoroughly recommend Silvio and his team to any prospective clients, they will get you the best deal possible with the minimum of fuss.”

Stuart and Lisa Speck, Total Duct Solutions Pty Ltd

“We recently purchased an investment property in Tennyson through Silvio. Not only did Silvio assist and guide us throughout the complete sale process, he has since been instrumental in us leasing both of the tenancies available within the investment in a short period of time.

For each transaction, Silvio has been honest & straightforward with us & provided full clarity on the negotiations, making the entire process simple and transparent throughout.

We appreciate everything that Silvio has done for us and we look forward to working with him in our future endeavours.”

Iqbal Omar, Sungold Australia Pty Ltd

“As a businessman and property developer I have bought, sold and leased many properties over the last fifty years in Australia and overseas.

I have had dealings with many real estate agents.

Having dealt with Silvio Bevacqua of Silvio Properties recently, I must say I have found him to be very honest, courteous, straightforward and professional.

He is one of the best real estate agents with whom I have had dealings with. He recently leased my property – not a very easy property to find a tenant for. He always kept me posted on the progress he was making and assisted me even after he leased the property.

I recommend him highly to any company or individual, seeking to buy, sell or lease a property.”

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